Implementing Technology in the Classroom

We offer training in Google apps, PowerSchool, Prezi, iMovie and numerous other applications.  If you have questions on how to use any software at this school or want to incorporate new software please contact Sam Bookston.  Below are some examples of projects that we have worked on with teachers and classes in the past. Click on the title link for a visual if available.

Music Videos/Documentary*
This project consisted of students writing a script based on a battle from a specific war.  The script was then turned into a mini-documentary that included the student's script as a voice over. Students used iMovie to create the videos in Lab 409 for approximately 4 days and then reviewed them as a class. 

Tweeting Historical Perspectives
A history class studying the Civil War was divided in half and 'fought' via tweets from the perspective of Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee. They composed historically accurate tweets about their historical, political, economic, and social experiences as if they were there. 

Google Earth Travel Blog
Students in a Spanish Language class spent 3 days in lab 409 to create a script for 6 places of interest in a Spanish speaking country. They navigated from place to place on Google Earth as they recorded in Spanish. 

Students in a Language class worked in groups to create a public service announcement to sell the artist's song. They create a CD insert that included lyrics to the songs analysis of the songs, and an about the artist section.

Students were assigned a particular problem set and were in charge of teaching classmates how to complete it. These videos were uploaded to a shared folder on Google and accessed as a review for tests and for the final exam.

*Please note that not all information is historically accurate.