NEA - Who Are We?


President - Mike Hirsh

Vice President, Professional Rights and Responsibilities - Unit A Middle and High School, Unit D

Vice President for Professional Rights and Responsibilities - Unit A Elementary, Unit C and Unit E

Vice President for Membership

Vice President for Finance

Vice-President for Negotiations

Vice President for Communication

Unit A Leader

Unit Leaders are a resource for Building Reps in the process of discussing issues and solving concerns.  

Unit B Leader

Unit C Leader
Susan Kalish
Marcy Spink

Unit D Leader

Unit E Leader

Building Representatives - Each Building is represented by staff who attend the monthly Executive Board Meetings and serve as the first contact if any issues arise.  If you have any contractual questions, or questions about a particular issue, please contact your Building Rep:


Sue Nealon
Lisa Garsh

Jo Anne Bagley
Mary Sullivan


Martha Miceli
Jamie Singelais
Susan Audiebert

High Rock

Randi Burka
Steve Guerriero

High School

Laura Downey
Elaine Priovolos


Seth Evans
Dan Daitch
Paula Hartstein


Marcy Spink
Megan Licari
Ashley Sullivan
Susan Kalish


Luisa Gouthro
Kelly Robinson
Mark Nolan
Marianne McGowan