D: Algebra 2 (Room 216)
E: Algebra 2 (Room 216)
G: Algebra 2 (Room 803)
Note: Since I only teach three courses I am not always in the building during school hours. 

Extra Help:
Monday - Thursday
Before school (7:25-7:50): Days that begin with D, E or G

After school (2:35-3:40): Days that end with D, E or G

By Appointment: My availability is irregular which is why I can only commit to the above times. If these times do not work for some reason then we can figure out a time that does.

Note: There will inevitably be days where I have meetings or other commitments that will change my availability.  I will let you know in class if I am not available on a certain day.

Contact Information:
email: justin_de_chaves@needham.k12.ma.us