Les Choristes

PLEASE BE AWARE  If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to catch up on what you have missed.  Students can report to Ms. Lowney's room (M3) after school to view any part of the film they may have missed.

In this new unit, we will be watching and discussing Les Choristes, an award-winning French movie.

The unit is divided into 8 sections.  Each section will span about 3 classes.  We will watch about 15 minutes of the movie each unit.  There will be exercises related to the movie.  Some exercises will be done in class, while others will need to be completed at home.   

In each lesson, you will be given a set of vocabulary words that will be important to know for the movie.  After each lesson, some of these words will be added to the Quizlet below and may be included in the quizzes. 

Before we begin, you need to create a note in Notability called "Les Choristes".  This is where you will add documents related to the film (available from either this site and/or from "Resources" in "My Homework") and keep your notes on the movie.

Leçon 8

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A new twist to our story happens when the benefactor hears about the chorus and wants a recital.  Also, looks like Mondain did not steal the money after all.  How will all this end???

Leçon 7

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All is going well until 200,000 francs is missing...  Rachin is not happy and cancels all experiments - including the chorus.  Chabert is starting to see the light and has become a "co-conspirator" to M. Mathieu.  Mondain is finally gone.  Or is he??

We will cover the four irregular IR verbs partir, sortir, servir and dormir

  partir   sortir servir dormir
 je pars sors sers dors
 tu pars sors sers dors
 il/elle/on part sort sert dort
 nous partons sortons servons dormons
 vous partez sortez servez dormez
 ils/elles partent sortent servent dorment

Leçon 6

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Things are developing on many fronts at Fond de l"Étang.  M. Mathieu is trying to show Mondain that his attitude won't fly with him.  M. Mathieu also discovers that Pierre Morhange is gifted!! He is very encouraged by his chorus and the spirits of the internat is lifting due to the music.  Finally, M. Mathieu enjoys the visits of Pierre's mother, Violette.

We are going to learn about the use of the adjective tout (which can mean “the whole”, “the entire”, “all” or “every”) .

Here are examples of the use of  tout:

  Masculin Feminine
 Singular Tout le film
 The entire movie
 Toute la classe
 The whole class
 Plural Tous les garçons
All the boys
 Toutes les chansons
 All the songs

Leçon 5

posted May 31, 2017, 4:33 PM by eric_frere@needham.k12.ma.us   [ updated Mar 20, 2018, 4:53 AM ]

Clément Mathieu and the internat face a new challenge - a new student called Pascal Mondain.  Although the chorus is going well, Pascal is creating major problems in the lives of Fond de l'Étang.

Leçon 4

posted May 29, 2017, 3:20 AM by eric_frere@needham.k12.ma.us   [ updated Mar 6, 2018, 11:13 AM ]

An ever-positive Clément Mathieu has started an experiment with his student - a chorus!!  He still has some major, but different, challenges with some of his students, Pierre Morhange (tête d'ange) and Pépinot.

Don't forget to look at this lesson's vocabulary words (Quizlet). 

Leçon 3

posted May 25, 2017, 4:52 PM by eric_frere@needham.k12.ma.us   [ updated Feb 28, 2018, 10:10 AM ]

We hope that you are enjoying the movie!!  As you can see, M. Mathieu has some challenges in Fond de l'Étang, with the kids and M. Rachin.  

Please make sure that you keep adding descriptions, and descriptors to the scenes!!

We've added below the third set of vocabulary words that relate to what you will be seeing next in the movie.

We will also cover the second most common set of verbs, regular verbs ending in “ir”. This is how you conjugate a regular “ir” verb:

 Finir Vomir Choisir
 Je finis vomis choisis
 Tu finis vomis choisis
 Il/Elle/On finit vomit choisit
 Nous finissons vomissons choisissons
 Vous finissez vomissez choisissez
 Ils/Elles finissent vomissent choisissent

There really isn't much to it - just memorize the ending (the key is that the verbs in the plural has iss before the regular ending).

Leçon 2

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In the previous lesson, you were introduced to some of the main characters 
at Fond de l'Étang and to some of the challenges that M. Mathieu faces.

In this lesson, you will be given a second set of vocabulary words (see below) that will be important to know for the movie.  

Don't forget to continue to add descriptions (in French) to the pictures in your "Feuille de Patates" and "Descriptions des Personnages".

Leçon 1

posted May 22, 2017, 2:34 PM by eric_frere@needham.k12.ma.us   [ updated Apr 19, 2018, 7:14 AM ]

In this lesson, we will be introduced to some of the main characters at Fond de l'Étang. You will be given a set of vocabulary words (see below) that will be important to know as the words are prominent in the movie.

You will also be given a "Feuille de Patates" - a sheet with the characters' pictures on it.  Throughout the movie, you will add descriptions (in French) to these pictures that depict the characters and their relationships with the other characters in the film.

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