La Guerre des Boutons

: If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to catch up on what you have missed.  Students can report to Ms. Lowney's room (M3) after school to view any part of the film they may have missed.

In this new unit, we will be watching and discussing La Guerre des Boutons, a fun French movie.

The unit is divided into 6 sections.  Each section will span about 3 classes.  We will watch about 15 minutes of the movie each unit.  There will be exercises related to the movie.  Some exercises will be done in class, while others will need to be completed at home.   

In each lesson, you will be given a set of vocabulary words that will be important to know for the movie.  After each lesson, some of these words will be added to the Quizlet below and may be included in the quizzes. 

Before we begin, you need to create a note in Notability called "La Guerre des Boutons".  This is where you will add documents related to the film (available from either this site and/or from "Resources" in "My Homework") and keep your notes on the movie.

La Guerre des Boutons - Leçon 5

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The kids from Longeverne are getting more organized as an army.  They even create their "headquarters" - a shack that they build themselves.  The two waring parties meet for a decisive battle where the kids from Velrans and their leader, L'Aztec, are soundly defeated and chased away.

In the real war, Lebrac realizes that his father is not the coward that he had thought...

We will also be covering demonstrative adjectives. 
You use the demonstrative adjectives to point out people or things. In English, the demonstrative adjectives are “this,” “these,” “that,” and “those.” However, in French there is only one set of demonstrative adjectives. Let's look at the following forms:

  Masculin Masculin   FémininFéminin 
  Consonne Voyelle ConsonneVoyelle
 Singulier ce garçon cet otage cette guerre cette étoile
 Pluriel ces garçons ces otages ces guerres ces étoiles

La Guerre des Boutons - Leçon 4

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War for buttons continues as the kids from Longeverne get a few battle victories of their own.  

But where there is war, there is also love.  A budding friendship between Violette and Lebrac has started.  Paul (the teacher) and Simone seem to have had feelings for each other in the past.  Is all that over??

We will also learn about regular "RE" verbs - the third set of regular verbs (after "er" and "ir").  This is how you conjugate regular "re" verbs:

attendre (to wait)

j’attends                  nous attendons

tu attends                vous attendez

il/elle/on attend       ils/elles attendent

Other examples of regular "re" verbs include: vendre (to sell), perdre (to lose), entendre (to hear), répondre (to answer). 

La Guerre des Boutons - Leçon 3

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After being attacked by the kids from Velrans, war has been declared!! A few quick battles have earned them buttons, their "spoils of war".

Students from Longevernes have an opportunity to visit a museum where they witness disturbing ideology.  

The real war hits home when the local militia find and arrest a jewish family in their town.

La Guerre des Boutons - Leçon 2

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In the previous lesson, you were introduced to some of the main characters in La Guerre des Boutons. "war" has erupted between kids from the neighboring towns of Velrans and Longeverne. But the kids from Longeverne are distracted by a new student, Violette!!

In this lesson, you will be given a second set of vocabulary words (see below) that will be important to know for the movie.  

We are also going to learn the common irregular verbs lire (to read), dire (to say/tell), écrire (to write):

  Lire Dire Écrire
 Je lis dis écris
 Tu lis dis écris
 Il/Elle/On lit dit écrit
 Nous lisons disons écrivons
 Vous lisez dites écrivez
 Ils/Elles lisent disent écrivent

Don't forget to continue to add descriptions (in French) to the pictures in your "Feuille de Patates" (see below to download).

La Guerre des Boutons - Leçon 1

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In this lesson, we will be introduced to some of the main characters in the movie. You will be given a set of vocabulary words (see below) that will be important to know as the words are prominent in the movie.

You will also be given a "Feuille de Patates" - a sheet with the characters' pictures on it.  Throughout the movie, you will add descriptions (in French) to these pictures that depict the characters and their relationships with the other characters in the film.

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