Grade 6 - La météo

In this fun unit, we will learn the how to say the weather in French.  And the way we will do this, we will audition to be the next TV Weather celebrity!!

Learning Expectations:

By the end of this unit, we’ll be able to:

  • know various common weather terms
  • tell about weather conditions in France
  • read and understand a French weather website
The picture that you see is of the Hinku Valley.  I took this picture while trekking in Nepal.  Almost every where that you looked, you see these beautiful scenes.

Le 11-15 décembre - La météo

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This week, we will continue with the weather terms and get ready for the auditions!! It will be fun!!

Le 18-22 décembre - Les auditions

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Over the next few weeks, we are going to audition for the new french weather-person position. Here is available below:

The picture on the left was taken when I heard some rumbling in the distance while trekking in the the Himalayas.  Just another avalanche!  I saw many avalanches during the trek.


Je m’appelle (your name).

Voici la météo de la France.

Aujourd’hui est (today’s date).

À St Malo, il fait du vent. 

À Bordeaux, il fait du soleil.

À Pau, il fait froid.

À Nice, il fait chaud.

À Annecy, il neige.

À Strasbourg, il y a des nuages.

À Paris, il pleut.

Au revoir!!

You can download the Google Earth file to practice at home.  Just click over in the online help section of this unit.  Below is an example of a wining audition!!

La Météo

Le 4-8 décembre - La météo

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We will start this new unit by learning the months, seasons and weather term!!  

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