Procedures, Rules and Grading

Learning French can be a fun and rewarding experience. However, it is important that we all follow certain expectations in the classroom.

- Before arriving to the classroom, make sure that you have what you need (iPad, etc). A quick stop at the water fountain and/or bathroom ensures fewer disruptions during class.

- Since I am a traveling teacher, I may, on occasion be slightly tardy. If so, please take your seat. You may want to review for a quiz, etc. If you can (especially 8th graders), you can chat with your neighbor in French. Nothing like practicing to improve your listening and speaking skills!!

- We follow all school rules (including no gum chewing).

- If you feel that you need to go to the bathroom, please make sure that you sign out. Try to minimize time outside of the classroom as you may be missing some important learning.

- Be respectful of others and materials.

- Hand in your homework on time.

- Raise your hand if you want to be heard. Talking over each other doesn't work. Learning happens when one is listening - not while talking.  

- Try your best and have fun!!!

Homelearning Guidelines
Homelearning is assigned to grade 6 students only.  I will give everybody work sheets and/or packets.  Whether it is assigned homelearning or not, my hope is that you want to learn French and ready to practice outside of the classroom.  Of course, this will improve your chance of success in quizzes and tests.

Test/Quiz Policy

If the result of your test is 60% or less, you have the option to retake portions of the test.
Maximum points available from retakes is one half of the points missed in the portion of the original test.
All retakes must be taken within 2 school days from the return of the original test.
No retakes for quizzes.
Upon return from an excused absence, students should immediately see the teacher to schedule a make-up.
All finished tests and quizzes should be completed within one week or return to school.
With any absence, it is the students responsibility to see the teacher after school to schedule the test/quiz.

Before/After School Help

Being a traveling teacher, I am available for extra help every day:
High Rock: Mornings from 7:20 AM
Pollard: Afternoons after 2:20 PM

High Rock students may come to my class at Pollard for extra help after school.   If these times are not convenient, please contact me for alternate times.

it is strongly advised to contact me (in person or via email) ahead of time to schedule before/after school help so I can expect you.


Trimester 1: 33% of final grade
Trimester 2: 33% of final grade
Trimester 3: 33% of final grade

For Grade 6 students, grades are divided between:

Assessments (tests, quizzes, projects): 50%
Participation: 40%
Homelearning: 10%

For Grade 8 students, grades are divided between:

Assessments (tests, quizzes, projects): 80%
Participation: 20%