Chapitre 7 - Les vêtements

In this unit, we will be learning about clothes and clothes shopping! We will be shopping in men's and women's clothing stores. We will compare and describe people's preferences in clothing styles and sizes as well as express opinions and make observations. We will also learn the verbs mettre, croire, and voir.

Learning Expectations:

By the end of this unit, we’ll be able to:

  • identify and describe articles of clothing 
  • state color and size preferences 
  • shop for clothing
  • compare people and things
  • express opinions and make observations

Le 22-26 janvier - La grande interro

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During this week, we will 
have la Grande Interro
It is important that you review at home what we've learned. Check out all the online help (games) available at the top of the web page - especially the practice test. Check MyHomework for the schedule of the Grande Interro. 

If you want to practice your listening skills, I've attached all the podcasts to this post (see below).  The last podcast is the revision of the whole chapter.

I would like to add that I have been impressed by the effort you have put in speaking French in class.  Keep it up!!

Le 8-12 janvier - Les verbes voir, croire, essayer et payer

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I am very impressed by the way you are embracing the idea of speaking French in class.  You are all realizing that it is very difficult but, like everything else that you learn how to do, it gets easier the more you do it so keep it up!!

The last thing that we will cover in this unit is the verb voir (to see), croire (to believe), essayer (to try or to try on) and payer (to pay). These two verbs are irregular verbs but both follow a similar pattern:

                Voir         Croire       Essayer       Payer

Je            vois         crois         essaie         paie

Tu            vois         crois         essaies       paies

Il/Elle/On  voit         croit         essaie         paie

Nous        voyons   croyons    essayons    payons

Vous        voyez      croyez     essayez      payez

Ils/Elles    voient     croient     essaient      paient

Homelearning: Complete page 71 and podcasts Activité 9 & 10 of the Homelearning packet in order to prepare for la petite interro.

Le 2-5 janvier - Le comparatif des adjectifs

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The picture on the left is the interior of Les Galleries Lafayette in Paris.  Worth visiting when in Paris but bring a lot of euros parce que c'est très cher!!

This week, we will learn about how to compare things in french by using:

moins ... que ... (less ... than...)

aussi ... que ... (as ... than...)

plus ... que ... (more ... than...)

as well as stress pronouns: moi (me), toi (you), lui (him), elle (her), nous (us), vous (you), eux/elles (them).  Homelearning: Complete page 70 and Podcast - Activité 8 on page A36 of the Homelearning packet. We will have a Petite Interro on this next week!

Le 11-15 décembre - Le verbe mettre

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In this week, we will learn about the verb mettre (to put or to put on).  This is how you conjugate the verb in the present tense:

Je             mets

Tu             mets

Il/Elle/On  met

Nous        mettons

Vous         mettez

Ils/Elles     mettent

We will go over the conjugation of the verb mettre and also learn about some adjectives that have a different ending form. Homelearning: Complete page 69 and Podcast - Activité 7 of the Homelearning packet in order to prepare for the Petite Interro jeudi/vendredi!!

We will also continue the movie about Maurice Richard.  You can read up on this famous hockey player at

Le 4-8 décembre - Vocabulaire 2

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This week we will cover the second set of vocabulary words from pages 224-225. Homelearning: Create flashcards using the vocabulary words from pages 220-225 (both sets of vocab words) if you want to play the flashcard game!!

To help you practice the new vocabulary words, you should do page 67 and Podcast - Activité 5 of the Homelearning packet.

We will also have a little fashion show in classe!!!

We will end the week with a petite interro on vendredi, le 8 décembre!

Le 20 novembre - 1er décembre - Vocabulaire 1

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Welcome to our unit on clothes and clothes shopping!! This week, we will start by learning the first set of vocabulary words.

We will go over the first set of vocab words from pages 220-221. Homelearning: Create flashcards for next class as we will play the flashcard game on the Monday after the Thanksgiving break!!  

Complete page 65 and Podcast - Activité 2 of the Homelearning packet to prepare for the next petite interro next week.

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