Bienvenue dans ma classe de français!!

On Ecrit Sur Les Murs!!

In middle school, we understand the value of learning a second world language. In order to maximize the learning in a fun environment, our curriculum is function-driven. This means that, although grammar is important, we emphasize communication above all. Put plainly, in the first years of learning a language, we would prefer to have our students make mistakes while communicating rather than not communicate at all in fear of making a grammatical error.

This web site is a living document. It is constantly changing as the year progresses. It is the launching point for all grade students and their parents and guardians to see what we are currently doing, homelearning (aka homework) and projects due, as well as finding out about upcoming events. Feel free to contact me directly if you have specific questions about the curriculum or concerns about your student.

Below is a video that will help you with your Grade 9 foreign language course selection.

Choosing at Foreign Language at Needham High

Bonne fête, Canada!!


Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield!!

Canadian ISS Commander, Chris Hadfield Rocks!!