S.T.E.A.M. Art Program

    "New for Grades 1-3 in is a year-long STEAM experience.  STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts,and Mathematics.  It is not a program, but a philosophical approach to learning that integrates knowledge from the various disciplines.  It is taught through project-based experiences that also emphasize the 21stcentury skills of collaboration, cooperation and communication.  The STEAM experience is divided into four 7-10 week segments, with each focusing on a different aspect of how these various disciplines are interconnected."

    "In the Arts portion of STEAM, students will be using skills and concepts learned in visual art and music to reinforce, express, practice and demonstrate knowledge and skills in other academic areas such as science, math or literacy.  Examples of topics include: how patterns occur in music, drama games created around the solution of math problems, how patterns and symmetry in are important in design, and the important role that length, width and depth play in sculptural form."


Rotation 1:  August 30-Nov 9

Rotation 2: Nov 13 - Jan 19

Rotation 3: Jan 22- March 28

Rotation 4:  April 2 - June 13