Elementary Art Curriculum

In Grade 1 Art, students will work with line, color, shape, texture, and pattern using a variety of two and three-dimensional media. The focus of the course is on exploration, creative expression, expanding student experience of art tools and materials and their appropriate use, and assisting in the development of motor coordination.

In Grade 2 Art, students will use drawing, painting, printmaking and two and three-dimensional design to continue their exploration of basic art concepts. There is a continuing emphasis on self-expression and creative growth.

In Grade 3 Art, students will expand their mastery of the media and concepts developed in grades 1 and 2. New concepts and tools will also be introduced; simple perspective and objective drawing techniques, for example. Students will develop self-assessment skills and problem-solving skills.

In Grade 4 Art, students will expand their awareness and sensitivity to include more challenging, in depth subjects using various drawing and painting techniques. Focus moves from self-expression to include drawing and painting from observation, in addition to imagination.

In Grade 5 Art, students will work in greater depth reviewing and reinforcing such concepts as the elements and principles of design, art appreciation, fantasy and observation. Emphasis will be on increased independence, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

In all grade levels, art students will demonstrate the ability to follow a sequential process in creating a work of art, and to communicate the process with others.
Students will also be introduced to a broad range of artistic exemplars from different time periods and cultures. Students will have the opportunity to make connections between the visual arts and other disciplines. Curriculum will be enhanced through collaboration with classroom teachers and specialists at individual schools.