Mission and Vision

Fine and Performing Art - Needham Public Schools


As a result of instruction in the Fine and Performing Arts, all Needham Students, will develop skills in and an understanding of creating, performing and presenting, responding, and connecting; the four components of the creative process.

Vision Statement:

As a core academic subject, Needham Public School Students will engage in a rigorous standards based arts education, rooted in the creative process, which further develops a child’s ability to communicate, think creatively, problem solve, and collaborate. Social emotional and 21st Century Skills are inherently taught in and through the arts.

All students will become skilled in the four components of the creative process as outlined by the National Standards for the Arts.

- Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work.
- Organize and develop artistic ideas and work.
- Refine and complete artistic work.

Performing, Presenting, and Producing
- Select, analyze, and interpret artistic work for presentation.
- Develop and refine artistic techniques and work for presentation.
- Convey meaning through the presentation of artistic work.
- Taking risks.
- Expressing Personal Feelings and Emotions.

- Perceive and analyze artistic work.
- Interpret intent and meaning in artistic work.
- Apply criteria to evaluate artistic work.
- Listening and seeing critically and discriminating qualitatively.
- Understanding how the arts evoke feelings, meanings, and images.

- Synthesize and relate knowledge and personal experiences to make art.
- Relate artistic ideas and works with societal, cultural, and historical context to deepen understanding.
- Recognizing and appreciating a wide variety of styles and genres.

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Fine & Performing Arts Director - Ms. LeeAnn Sutton