Guidelines for the Fair Use Continuum

GREEN LIGHT: Use with confidence!

  • Open access content (images and information from sources like Britannica and PBS LearningMedia)

  • Reading a book aloud to students

  • Images from Creative Commons and other copyright free sites

YELLOW LIGHT: Approach with caution

  • Photocopying/distributing from a book (less than 10% of a book with less than 10 chapters OR one chapter max from a book with more than 10 chapters)

  • Using music as a background for a project (less than 10% or up to 30 seconds of the song)

  • Photocopying an article to be used in class (okay for immediate use, need permission for yearly use)

RED LIGHT: Unlikely to be allowed

  • Obtaining/distributing a PDF of an entire book (print, digital, Google Classroom, in any form)

  • Copying/distributing audiobooks or music

  • Showing full-length movies for reward or entertainment purposes

  • Photocopying/distributing workbooks that are designed for individual purpose

  • Using an image from a Google Search without checking on the copyright status