Welcome to Mrs. Krajewski's Science website.  Please use this website for reference materials for your science courses at NHS!  I am looking forward to an fun and productive year!

A little about me...

Ever since I was a little girl, I always have enjoyed being out in nature.  After high school, I attended UMass Amherst where I studied Microbiology and researched the role of bacterial in ethanol (fuel) production.  While I was at UMass, I realized that although I love science, my true passion is teaching.  I was a teaching assistant for the nursing and turf grass programs and enjoyed helping others to learn.  I spent a year in a master's program at Clark University and taught in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Then, I found my home at NHS and have been here ever since!  I enjoy keeping current in science through summer programs and have attended programs at Harvard and Northeastern that have helped me gain knowledge and ideas to use in my classroom.  This summer, I spent time at Brockton High School learning about personalized genetics!  I am hoping to infuse some of what I learned into our class throughout the year.  In addition, I was fortunate to travel with my family to both Acadia National Park in Maine and Southern California.

This year I will be teaching honors Biology, honors Chemistry and AP biology.  I will also have sophomore homeroom!

Outside of school I enjoy spending time outdoors with my husband, and my two young daughters.

My hope as your teacher is that you not only learn some science but learn to see your own world through the lens of a scientist :)  

In addition to my website, these resources are super important!
1-Google Classroom will be my way of communicating and providing resources.  Although I collect assignments printed on paper, I provide directions, additional copies, classroom resources (ex. powerpoints) through classroom.  Please accept my invitation during the first couple of days of school and make sure to check daily.  As often as possible, I send reminders of upcoming activities and use this as a communication tool!

2-Powerschool is my way to update grades as soon as assignments are graded.  Also, when an assignment is turned in I use the "check" notation to record on the day that it is due that it was indeed turned in to the class bin.  You will see a "O-zero" temporarily entered with a notation of Late if your forget...so remember to know where the work bin is in your classroom and carefully turn in your assignment at the start of class.  Late assignments will be collected for up to one week and the comment section will indicate the grade deduction.  In addition to assignments that influence your grade in Powerschool, I will also have a non-graded category.  I will use this to record completion of assignments that either a) benchmark your starting point or b) show your effort.  Even though study guides may not be graded, it is helpful for you to see the pattern of whether you completed a study guide and how you did on the test.  Benchmarks are assignments at the beginning of the unit that I use to figure out a starting point, and you can use to observe how your understanding of a particular subject grew!  

3-Shared folder.  You will share a folder with me early in the year.  Although you will printout formal assignments, all of your assignments for me will be worked on in this folder.  I will use this folder to check progress, provide feedback, and make certain your work is authentic.

4-Composition Lab Notebook.  All of my classes will use a PAPER BOUND composition lab notebook to document key lab notes, practice writing prompts, model problems & diagrams.  This notebook will be used and I will check it for completion during lab inventory assessments.  It becomes a product that you can have forever beyond your HS science course and we will work considerably to make it a useful structure for you!

Sometimes you will find that you need help outside of the class.  I am generally available after school until 3:30 pm Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. My homeroom is 213 and I teach in 210 & 213; so check the schedule posted on the doors to see where to find me...or let me know in advance that you want to meet! 

Please don't hesitate to contact me during the school year.  The best way to initiate contact is via email:  jill_krajewski@needham.k12.ma.us  
I will followup email with a quick response or for longer conversations schedule a phone or in-person meeting.