Tips for Parents

We recommend that you have conversations with your children about the values and the standards that your children should follow when using the iPad and the Internet, just as you would with other tools and media. We encourage you to set expectations about screen time and where and when your children can use the iPad at home.  A good resource of information is Common Sense Media. Common Sense is a non-profit that was founded to help kids thrive in a world of media and technology, and they have a section of their web site devoted to Parent Concerns. See

With lots of research out there about screen time and children here is a well written article about setting limits by Scott Traylor- 
Enough With the Screen Time Scare! How to Be Sensible About Children’s Device Use

Setting Parental Controls-

Tips for managing iPads at Home- 
  1. Be present.

  2. Be the example; your children are always watching and learning from what you do.  Are you a good Digital Citizen?

  3. Put tech to sleep at night. Maintain technology in a public area such as a family room, kitchen, or office- not in your child's bedroom. This is especially important with mobile devices. 
    A cute reminder video- to make sure your technology is asleep at night away from where you sleep
    Power Down for Better Sleep

  4. Nothing is private.

    A Good Read/ Conversation Starter- The Trouble With Secret, Whisper, and Anonymous Social Networks

  5. There is no delete.
    A Good Read- Protecting and Respecting Privacy 

  6. Build a Family Media Agreement.
    Helpful links-
           Family Media Agreements- a great blog with many links at the bottom of example agreements.  
           Remember make it your own, get your children to create one with you.  
           From Common Sense Media
            From Best Kids Apps

  7. Think about online content filtering at home and or Parental Restrictions on the iPad.
    Helpful link- 
    New Parental Controls Nix the Fear, Up the Features
    Setting Parental Restrictions-  (Page 3)
  8. Protect yourself.
    (Create strong passwords, log out of any shared computer, abide by the terms of service, know the privacy policy of every app/account you have created, avoid interacting with strangers online, protect your private information)

  9. Remember when we were in sixth grade, our lives were very different.  
    A cool video to help start a conversation of how our lives were different- Kids React to Old Technology

  10. Kids make mistakes; they will also make mistakes in the digital world.  Be ready with your response, support, realistic consequences, and resources. 

  11. It is okay to limit the use of mobile or online devices.  A child will not be at a disadvantage if they don’t have free and unlimited access to this tool.

  12. Seek balance - not only with amount of time spent on technology and unplugged activities as a family and individually but also in the restrictions and freedoms given to your children when using technology.  
    A Good Read- Common Sense on Digital Life