Explain Everything

Explain Everything is an interactive whiteboard app that allows students to demonstrate their knowledge though screen casts and audio/video recording.  
Note: We have the Classic version. Our version does not allow real-time collaboration at this time. Classic can be downloaded from the Self-Service App.  

Tutorials from Explain Everything- 
Click on image below and scroll down to bottom of page.  (These are also in your app under Cloud Projects > Tutorials)

Working in Partner?  
1.  Split the slides/work in half.  Each of you take part of the project to produce.
2. Open up Explain Everything- choose the same template and design your part.
3. Follow these directions to "smash" your project together- "How to Combine Projects"
4. Hand into your teacher. 

Exporting your project: 
1. Click on the Sharrow (share arrow) - 
2. Chose Video at top left
3.Chose "Copy to Drive"
4. In Google Drive- Save

Sample Projects