My Schedule

Period A    AP US History - 11th grade
Period B    Prep
Period C    AP US History - 11th grade  
Period D    World Since 1945 - 12th grade Honors elective
Period E    
US History - 11th grade Honors
Period F    
Period G    US History - 11th grade Honors

Contact Information

Room 425
Office Hours  7:20 - 7:55
                      2:40 - 3:30
            On Fridays - by appointment only
781-455-0800 x 2425

PowerSchool - Grades

I try to maintain power school grades on a daily basis so that students, parents, and counselors can be kept abreast of student progress.


Kiva - Meets most Thursday mornings, 7:30 - 7:55

National Honor Society 
     - Meets first Tuesday morning of each month, 7:30-7:55    
       See our website for other dates and a full calendar.