The Identity Digital Collection- “Who am I...Who are you?”

For the past several years, NHS has used our One School, One Read program to create a
community wide shared experience.   The overall objective was to recognize and appreciate one another’s complexities and strengthen our NHS community. As important as that goal is, we also realize that this work is hard to do without truly know
ing and understanding the complexities of one’s own identity first. This year, instead of selecting a single book we will instead focused on a digital collection of sources that explore the topic of Identity.

The Identity Collection (see the table below) includes various media: podcasts, videos, essays, and articles. It will include the stories of many different people, whose experiences and perspectives may be familiar to you while others may be quite new.  


As you engage in these sources and the follow up lessons and activities we hope they help you to answer the essential questions “who am I...who are we?”


Watch this video of Hank Green as he considers the ever-changing concept of identity and the influences that shape our concepts of our own multi-faceted identities.

Who Am I?

Please read, watch, and listen to all the sources in the table below prior to the start of school in the Fall.

 Source TypeDescription 

"How Artists Explore Identity"

From the Museum

of Modern Art


In this short film, see how artists Frida Kahlo, Glenn Ligon, and Andy Warhol investigate and express ideas about identity in their work.



"I'm Not Your Inspiration, Thank You Very Much"

by Stella Young


Stella Young is a comedian and journalist who happens to go about her day in a wheelchair — a fact that doesn’t, she’d like to make clear, automatically turn her into a noble inspiration to all humanity.


"An Outing in Germany"

by Gail Breslow


In this podcast from The Moth, Gail Breslow is confronted about her religion at a school in Germany.


"America's Deaf Team Tackles Identity Politics"

by Mathew Davis


This article from The Atlantic addresses the identity issues of the football team at Gallaudet College.


"For Many Latinos, Racial Identity is More Culture Than Color"

by Mireya Navarro


This New York Times article explores how and why some who may get classified as Latino or Hispanic choose to identify themselves.



"East of Main Street:

Asians Aloud"

From HBO


In this powerful video, HBO presents a collection of different voices from the Asian Pacific American community. People of different ethnic groups, religions, genders, and sexual orientations share their experiences and stories.


"So You Call Yourself an Ally: 10 Things All 'Allies' Need to Know"

by Jamie Utt


How do we stand against prejudice and discrimination when we don't identify with the group being targeted? This article offers tips for how to do so in an effective way.


"The Lost Boys of Sudan: The Long, Long, Long Road to Fargo"

by Sara Corbett


This is an article published in the April 2, 2001 New York Times Magazine about three brothers from Sudan who come to the US as refugees and the struggle they face as Sudanese, as Lost Boys, as refugees, as immigrants, and more.



by Charlie Peck


A transgender singer named Charlie Peck has recorded a beautiful tribute for the transgender community: a duet with himself featuring his higher register before beginning hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and with his lower register, recorded nine months into HRT.


"Lost and Found Daughter"

by Dana Stallard


An adoptee fears rejection by her birth family in Korea and deals with identity on many including race, sexuality, and ethnicity.


"Ain't I a Woman"

by Sojourner Truth


Performance Options:

by Kerry Washington

by Alfre Woodard #1

by Alfre Woodard #2

by Nkechi

by Cicely Tyson


Sojourner Truth originally delivered this speech in December of 1851 to a women's convention in Akron, Ohio. It has been performed by many people since then. Choose a option to view from the list. Text of the speech can be found here.

Looking for more?  The sources below are for additional exploration but are NOT required.

Additional Sources Related to 'Identity'