Welcome to Omaha's Top Outdoor Soccer League

We are the oldest and most popular outdoor soccer league in Omaha, providing an excellent and cost efficient environment for soccer enthusiasts interested in playing competitive soccer.  We conduct two outdoor soccer sessions per year, one in spring starting in March and the second session in fall starting in August. Games are played on well maintained full size soccer grass fields applying standard FIFA rules for the 11v11 format. Teams can register in one of the two age depending divisions:
  • Men Open Division (age bracket +18)
  • Men Senior Division (age bracket +30)
Both men and women are allowed to play in the league. 

Current League Officers:
President - Morgan Spencer
Treasurer - Ryan Blue
Communications - Jeff Weides

For new players looking for a team...list your information below in the Free Agent List. A manager will contact you if interested! 


Session Information

Generic info:

                                                            Spring Session: 
Season Start:   4/2, 4/4
Season End:     +11 weeks
Game Day:        O30 (Tues), Open (Thurs)
Duration:           90 Mins
Game Time:      O30 - 6 pm, Open 6 and 8 pm
Location:           TBD
Divisions:          Men Open: 18 years & up
                         Men Senior: +30 years & 3 players younger than 30 per team*

                                                            Fall Session: 
Season Start:   Early August
Season End:     +10-11 weeks
Game Day:        TBD
Duration:           90 Mins
Game Time:      TBD
Location:           TBD
Divisions:          Men Open: 18 years & up
                         Men Senior: +30 years & 3 players younger than 30 per team*

* age restriction policy applied: 3 players per senior team allowed at age 25-30 years.

Free Agent List

This free agent list will be used for anyone who is looking to join a team. In order to have one location for team managers to look for players, please only use the Free Agent List below on the NMSL website (NMSL Link) and do not post on the Facebook page anymore. 

Instructions: Input all of your information directly into the fields below. If there is any additional information you want to share, write in column H. If a team manager adds a player from the free agent list to their roster, the team manager (or player) needs to update the "Available" column to "No". After each session, the players that are not available any longer will be removed from the free agent list. 

Notes - there are 7 columns of information to fill out so scroll the sheet to the right to see all information. Note that the list is read-only on a mobile device due to website restrictions. To modify the list, you need to be on a computer. 

Important Documents:

NMSL By-Laws and Conduct Policy 2.19.2019

NMSL - Manager Responsibilities 2.19.2019

NSSA Player Registration

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NP Dodge Park:

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