Biomass Project

The Beginning

Biomass Project Pictures

About the Project
The biomass project at the Northeast Bradford School District will generate and satisfy the heating needs for both the Jr/Sr High School and the Elementary School. The plant will utilize existing infrastructure to deliver the heat throughout the district.

Another part of this project will connect the potable water between our buildings. The district’s water is provided by multiple wells located on the campus and each building has its own water treatment facility. By connecting our water sources we will provide the ability to continue operations if one of our treatment facilities were to become offline for maintenance or repair.

A 300 kw generator is also being installed with this project. The generator will replace the existing emergency generator and provide backup power to the biomass plant, server room and communication devices. This additional coverage will significantly increase the district’s ability to maintain daily activities during power outages.

Why Wood Biomass?
Wood fuel has significant environmental advantages over fossil fuels. Wood is a renewable resource which offers a sustainable and dependable supply of fuel. Other advantages include  up-to 90% less carbon dioxide emissions compared to burning fossil fuels as well as containing minimal amounts of sulfur and heavy metals. Particle emissions are negligible and easily controllable.

The principle economic advantage of wood fuel is that it is significantly less expensive than competing fossil fuels (see financial analysis below).

Over the first ten years of the project the savings realized will be used to pay a low interest loan received from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

We hope you will come back to this site often and view the pictures as this project progresses.