SAT & ACT Test Prep

Did you know that there are FREE SAT AND ACT TEST PREP programs online through each student's STUDY ISLAND ACCOUNT???  Students can access these programs at school as well as at home.  

Once logging in, a student can select 'College Readiness' then choose from either the SAT or ACT module.  Within each module are specific areas of each exam a student can practice as well as full length practice exams!!!  

Also, free SAT Prep is available through  By creating an account using Facebook, Gmail, or another personal email account, students can be provided with an individualized study plan that can be saved over time to get prepared! A student will take several pre-tests in the different tested areas so that the program can identify areas of strengths and weaknesses.     

Other similar test prep programs run through institutions outside the school cost hundreds of dollars.  The above mentioned options are free of charge.  

If you have additional questions, please contact the High School Guidance Office.