Welcome to the home for information regarding the Colorado Superintendent's New School Funding Distribution Formula.  This site is intended to give you full access so you can learn more about the bill and its impact, communicate with others, and show your support for this work.

This work is many years in the making and has resulted in modernized approach and creating a new policy for a school finance act in Colorado.  This work aspires to provide all 178 Colorado school districts with an increased level of funding for all students, while at the same time establishing a more equitable distribution of funding for students who are underserved and/or face the greatest challenges to achieving Colorado's Graduation Guidelines and finishing high school ready for college and career.  

The work of the Superintendents has become a bill sponsored by Representative Dave Young, Senator Don Coram, and Senator Andy Kerr.

The Colorado Superintendents modernized school finance formula as it exists today was developed to achieve the following objectives:

·              Ensuring that all districts receive additional funding in a more fair and equitable manner to support current academic standards and accountability systems.

·              Creating a student-centric distribution formula utilizing weights for special education, ELL, and gifted and talented students as well as those living in poverty.

·              Ensuring that, at a minimum, every Colorado school district receives a total program amount at or above the current year total program funding calculation excluding the      budget stabilization (negative) factor.

·              Recognizing cost differences among districts related to size, geography and the cost of doing business.

·             Creating a transparent model.

·             Including an increased base amount to begin moving total per student funding in Colorado closer to the national average.