Week of March 9-13th

Pennies for Patients - We are working on earning and brining coins to help kids. We have a coin box in our classrooms to collect the money brought into school. We will be calling these coins through the 20th. 

Calendar of Events:

Upcoming Events:
Students are earning "money" for a Third Grade Market coming up at the beginning of April. More information to come about this.

What we are learning this week:
Math: This week we we are working on understanding area and then figuring out the area.
Reading: This week we are learning about Text Features and Inferring and Predicting. 
Spelling:  This week we are learning suffixes of words. The suffixes we are learning is -less and -ness. Spelling test will be on Friday.
Grammar: We are learning about prepositions.
Writing: We have started our Fractured Fairy Tale unit. The kids are having fun and are excited about writing. 
Science: We are beginning to practice for our track meet. Your child should wear running shoes when the weather is nice. Our track meet is at the end of April. More information to come. 
Homework: Homework packet 25 should be coming home this week. Please complete all pages of the packet and return it on Friday. Also, your child should be reading at least 30 minutes every school night for the Peaks Reader pass and for the Champions Challenge.
Suzanne Aguero,
Aug 18, 2014, 8:02 AM