Week of August 28th - September 1st

Please turn in your field trip lunch note no later than Thursday, August 31st. 

Calendar of Events:
Monday, September 5th - No School, Labor Day

Upcoming Events:
Wednesday, September 13th - Reading Benchmark test day
Friday, September 15th - Field trip to Salem Pond (please see note coming home this week)

What we are learning this week:
Math: This week we are learning how to round to the nearest ten and hundred. 
Reading: We are working on story structure and summarizing.
Phonics:  We will review short vowel sounds. We will learn what a closed syllable is and learn digraphs (sh, wh, th, ch, ck, and ph).
Grammar: We will be learning subject and predicate.
Writing: Students will be writing to a pen pal this week!
Science/Social Studies: We are continuing to learn about Mustang PRIDE and what it means within the different parts of the school.
Homework: This week students will be completing homework packet 1. They should also be reading 20 minutes every school night.