Week of January 19-22

Students should be reading 20 minutes per night. Reading calendars are on the East Meadows website.

Calendar of Events:
No School January 18th

Upcoming Events:
February 12th: Valentine's Celebrations
March 4th: Multiplication Ice Cream Party

What we are learning this week:
Math: This week we will begin fractions.  We will spend 2 weeks learning how to name fractions, compare, and decide if two are equivalent. 
Reading: This week we will be discussing text features.
Spelling:  The spelling pattern this week is the "k" and "kw" sound.
Grammar: Grammar this week is helping verbs.
Writing: This week we are working on opinion writing.  We are learning how to read and answer a prompt in preparation for the Sage Testing at the end of March
Science/Social Studies: We are finishing up our unit on the Moon and starting to learn about our government.
Homework: Homework this week is packet 18. Students should be practicing their spelling as well as completing their math pages. They should also be reading 20 minutes per school night and practicing their math facts. Reading calendars are on the school website if you need one to keep track of minutes. 
Suzanne Aguero,
Aug 18, 2014, 8:02 AM