Week of September 19th - 23rd

The weather is supposed to be cold on the day of the field trip. Make sure your child dresses for the weather. 

Calendar of Events:
Monday, 19th - Early Dismissal Day at Noon
Friday, 23rd - Field Trip to Salem Pond

Upcoming Events:
Sept. 27th - Vision Screening
Oct. 3rd - Reading Calendars due

What we are learning this week:
Math: This week we will be modeling subtraction with mental math and blocks. We will also be learning how to estimate differences and subtract 3-digit numbers.
Reading: We are working on inferring/predicting and comparing/contrasting. 
Spelling:  This week spelling is multi-syllabic words. 
Grammar: We will be learning common and proper nouns. 
Writing: Students will be learning how to find information in a non-fiction article and write a response based on a prompt. 
Science/Social Studies: This week we begin our Keyboard Chatter lessons. Students will learn how to type on the Chromebook.  We will teach them home row and all the placement of the letters and punctuation throughout lessons over the next 5 weeks. 
Homework: Students will be completing Homework Packet #4. It will have their spelling and review words as well as the vocabulary words to study. Students do not need to know how to spell the vocabulary words, just know the definitions. Also included in their homework packet is a grammar page and two math pages. If students work on one page a night, they should be successful. Students should also be reading 20 minutes per school night. Reading calendars are on the school website if you need one to keep track of minutes.