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Students have each week's spelling list in their planner on the back side of each week's calendar.  Although there are words on the back of each week, your teacher may not require a spelling stuby/test each week.  Be sure to make note in your planner of weeks your teacher tells you that spelling won't be required that week.  These will generally be weeks with less than 4 school days. 

Students should study their spelling words throughout the week and during reading center time at school.  Students may take their spelling test anytime during the week whey they feel ready.  The tests will open on Tuesday of each week and will close on Friday after school.  Please plan accordingly and be sure to take your test before the end of school on Friday.  I am trusting students to be on their honor when they take their test.  Tests may be taken at home or at school during center time when they have computer rotation or during our weekly computer lab time.  Students are also welcome to come to school between 8:30 and 8:50 to take the test. 

Below are links to each list on Spelling City.  Spelling City is a great online website that offers games and practice tests to help you practice your words throughout the week.  Just click on the button that describes this weeks list, and you'll be directed to that list and practice options on Spelling City.  There is no need to create an account or log in.  You can do many activities without an account.