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Disclosure Document

Welcome! I am so excited to teach math this school year, and I hope you are excited to learn it. This is some of the greatest math in the world! My goal is for each and every student to succeed in this course. I plan to work hard on my part to make that happen, and I expect that you will work hard on your part to make that happen as well. It is going to be a great year.


Required Materials

Bring these materials to class every day!  We will use them every day!

×       Pencils

×       School-issued textbook

×       Binder or notebook with lined paper for notes, quizzes, and bell ringers

×       Calculator (Your phone does not count. Calculators can be checked out through the library for $20.)



Your grade will include:

×       Participation – 10%. I expect you to be present and participating every day. Checking out physically or mentally for even one day hurts your ability to succeed on the upcoming material, so be here! You will receive full participation points for coming prepared and on time, following directions, and working positively and productively. Points will be deducted for absences/tardies, lack of respect toward me or your classmates, use of electronics, or general disruptiveness.

×       Homework – 25%.  Homework is your opportunity to practice what you’ve learned and discover any questions you might have about each day’s mathematics. I will give you a homework assignment after every lesson and allow you time in class to get started. Each homework assignment will be due at the beginning of the next class period, unless stated otherwise. Late homework will only be worth up to 50% unless accompanied by a “Homework Pass.” Late homework turned in after the unit test will only be worth up to 10%.

×       Quizzes – 15%. Quizzes are your opportunity to check in on how well you are learning. We will have regular in-class quizzes, and you should do fine on these if you consistently do your homework. They will also give you an idea of what to expect for test questions.

×       Tests – 50%. Tests are your opportunity to demonstrate all of the neat mathematics you have learned. You should score 80% or higher on every unit test. To help you achieve this, I will offer test retakes as follows: Students who score 80% or higher will rework the problems they missed on a worksheet to earn half credit back. Students who score 60-80% will retake the problems they missed on a similar test to earn half credit back. Students who score below a 60% will retake the entire test, with a maximum possible score of 80% on the retake. Test retakes must be completed within a week of the original test date. In addition, two cumulative tests will be given during the year: a semester test will cover material from first and second terms, and a final will cover material from the entire year. Retakes are not available for these two semester tests.

×       Extra credit. Unused Homework Passes will be worth extra credit at the end of each term. Additional opportunities for extra credit may arise during each term. Please take advantage of them when they happen rather than waiting until the end of the term to request extra credit assignments.

The grade distribution is as follows:

A          93-100%

B          83-86%

C          73-76%

D           63-66%

A-         90-92%

B-         80-82%

C-         70-72%

D-         60-62%

B+        87-89%

C+        77-79%

D+       67-69%

F            0-59%


If you would like to estimate your grade percentage, use the equation G = .1p + .25h + .15q + .5t

where p is participation, h is homework, q is quizzes, and t is tests. To estimate a hypothetical grade, first find each average category score with your hypothesis scores (add together, divide by how many), then use that number in place of the current Aspire score.



If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get notes from a friend or from my website. You should also check the calendar on the wall or on my website for the homework assignment and any quizzes or tests you may have missed. Make-up work is due one class period after you return to class. For example, if you miss class on a Monday and return on a Wednesday, your assignments from Monday are due on Friday. After that time, absent work will be considered late work. If you miss a quiz or test, you must take it within this same time span or risk forfeiting those points entirely.


I will be adhering to the MMHS citizenship credit guidelines. These can be found in your student handbook.