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About Me

I have had a love for history ever since I was a child trying to understand the world I lived in. History was the thing that broadened my understanding with feelings of sympathy and empathy. What subject area of history am I drawn to? I've always had a hard time answering this because I'm interested in the stories of real people, with real life situations and problems, and how they conquered—in every historical setting. Through that process of studying history, I am able to find my true self.

A little more about me: I enjoy the water—swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, rafting, fishing, and even spear fishing. My two most cherished activities are spearfishing and fishing. I could go fishing all day, not catch a thing, and still feel like it was a good day as long as my feet were in the water. I thought my life was complete when I met and married my sweetheart, but a depth of purpose to life was fully realized when we had a little girl.