About Me
 I have always loved studying mathematics.  While some people only like mathematics as long as it can be applied I see the beauty in mathematics and love to see how powerful theorems have been proven from a few basic rules or axioms.  While I always loved mathematics, my understanding of mathematics never came easy for me.  I am grateful for teachers who spent time with me before and after school to help me attain my educational goals.  I am also grateful for the rigorous class work  that they required that prepared me for college.  These experiences inform the expectations that I have of my self and my students in the classroom.  I graduated with a Major in Math Education from Brigham Young University, and a Minor in Physical Education and Coaching.   I returned to college about 7 years into my teaching experience to complete a Masters Degree in Math Education.  I received that degree from Brigham Young University as well.  This is my twentieth year of teaching mathematics at Payson High School.  Twenty of those years were also spent coaching either Softball, Basketball and/or Volleyball.  Outside of work I enjoy working around the house, and water sports such as water skiing, and wake boarding.