This version of Google Sites will be available through the 2016-2017 school year.  The New Google Sites is now enabled in Nebo School District. 

Classic Google Sites Help Center

Accessing Sites

From the top of your email page, or any Google Application, click on the App Launcher and select Sites

If you have already created one or more sites, you will see your list of sites, with a link to browse other sites shared with the district.

Adding Content to Your Site

Editing your site
Adding Images to Your site
Customizing how your images are displayed
Adding links to your page
Linking to files or text within your site
Inserting Google Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and Forms
Inserting Google Calendars
Inserting Video
Inserting Google Maps
Adding attachments, comments, and files
Adding a Table of Contents
Adjusting Tables within a site
Using keyboard shortcuts

Managing Your Site

Creating pages within a site
Guide to different page types
Page Names and Titles
Deleting a page
Changing your site's layout
Changing your site's appearance
Configuring your sidebar and navigation gadget
Sharing your site
Deleting a site
Revision History

Downloading Docs - end user

Problem: Some parents/students will not have a current version of MS Office
Solution 1 - Users of MS Office 2003 and previous editions may download the MS Office Compatibility Pack by clicking here
Solution 2 - Students/Parents can download Open Office - a free MS Office alternative by clicking here 
Problem: Some parents/students will not have a current version of Adobe Reader
Solution - Download Adobe Reader by clicking here

New Google Sites

New Google Sites Help Center

YouTube Video