Each term you will earn an academic grade in each subject based on          the following table:

 E (Excellent) 90 -100%
 VG (Very Good) 75 - 89%
 S (Satisfactory) 60 - 74%
 NI (Needs Improvement) 0 - 59%

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Every student starts off each term with an "S" in Citizenship.  In order to earn an "H", he/she must complete the Honor Roll Requirements.  If a student shows disrespect to an adult in the school, to another student, or to any property, he/she will lose a citizenship point.  After two points are lost, he/she will have an "N" in Citizenship.  If four or more points are lost, he/she will have a "U."  We have discussed in greater detail some of the actions that will result in a lost citizenship point, but sixth graders really know what behavior is appropriate.

Each term we will have a Citizenship Party to reward those students who have completed and turned in every assignment and who have an S or an H in Citizenship.   Students who have missing work or who have earned an N or U in Citizenship will stay in class and work on their missing assignments or contemplate and write about how they can improve their behavior. 

Our Citizenship Parties will be held toward the end of each term, and the dates will be announced.  All work must be turned in two or three days beforehand in order for a student to be eligible to attend. 

Citizenship Grades
H - Honors
S - Satisfactory
N - Needs Improvement
U - Unsatisfactory

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