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Week At A Glance

October 16-20, 2017

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Number sheets and letter Mm--------------------------       Fall Break No School!

The letter this week is mM for monsters and maps. We will be making monsters and drawing a map of our classroom. Mm page in homework books this week! Have your child do the handwriting on the letter mM page and then draw or cut and paste 3-4 things that start with mM. Please have your child label the things he or she chooses if you think they are capable. Also, number sheets today are 6-10. Their numbers are starting to look really good.

Picture retakes will be next Tuesday (October 24).  We will also have teeth varnishing available at our school that day. A note about teeth varnishing came home today. It says that is happening on the 18th, but they have changed it to the 24th. Please return the teeth varnishing note, even if you don’t want your child to have this service.

Next Thursday is parent teacher conferences. If you haven’t scheduled a time for conferences please get on Larsen’s website and choose a time.  I have two links, one in the regular K-2 times, and one that says extra kinder time slots.  If you look and one of these slots doesn’t work for you, please let me know and I will see what I can do.  I would love the chance to talk to each of you!

Our Halloween party at school is coming up on Halloween day. I still need some helpers, if you are available that day, we would love to have you! Your child should wear their costume to school. REMEMBER that costumes must meet the safe school guidelines (no masks, or weapons of any kind). Also, remember they are five, so if there is a special piece of their costume that you are worried about getting broken, please do not send it to school with your child.

Halloween is a perfect time to practice sorting and patterns J. Before your child eats their candy on Halloween, sort it into different piles. We will be doing an ABC activity with candy wrappers. Please have your child choose their favorite ten candy WRAPPERS to bring to school with them after Halloween. We will be doing some wrapper math and making an ABC candy book for our classroom library.

If you have any questions you can send a note in your child’s folder, or call me at school. Email is a great way to reach me too. My email address is angela.eckhardt @nebo.edu Thanks for all you do to help your child succeed at school!