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Week At A Glance

September 21-25, 2015

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Name sheet and ABC book letter fF-------------------(back by Friday)-------------------------


This week we start with the letter fF.  We will be talking about families, and learning how to be a good friend.  We will be talking about how families are different in some ways, but a like in many others.  We will be doing some “family math” as we record information about our families.  The big book is “Mama Zooms”. With this note is a family graph. Please start at the bottom of each column and color in one square for each family member in the correct column.

          I got most of the homework books back, and they look great.  This week please do the name page again, and the fF page.  Have your child do the handwriting on the letter fF page and then draw or cut and paste 3-4 things that start with fF.  If your child is capable, please have your child label the things he or she chooses.  Send the ABC book back by Friday.

           Our field trip got off to a crazy start, but was so much fun.  A BIG THANKS to the parent helpers that stepped in to help.  We couldn’t have done it without you!  I only remembered to take a few pictures; one of them is up on our class website.

          Speaking of website, you can get to our class website by going to Larsen’s home page (http://larsen.nebo.edu/) and clicking on the faculty page. From there scroll down until you see my picture.  Then just click on teacher website under my picture.  It has the week at a glance note and some computer links.  Pictures and more links to follow.

          If you have any questions you can send a note in your child’s folder, or call me at school.  Email is a great way to reach me too.  My email address is angela.eckhardt @nebo.edu

          Thanks for all you do to help your child succeed at school.