Support Nea Now

Support Nea Now (SNN) is our biggest annual fundraising drive. 
We rely on the money raised to enhances our learners' educational experience and fund visual & performing arts, technology, assemblies and community events.
Easy as 1, 2, or 3!
  1. Make a one-time donation. Send a check to Nea PTSA at 500 Pacific Ave. Alameda CA. 94501. Write SNN on the memo line.
  2. Make a monthly donation.  Use your bank’s Bill Pay or EFT to set up a monthly payment to Nea PTSA at 500 Pacific Ave, Alameda, CA 94501. An EFT (electronic funds transfer) is a direct transfer from your bank to Nea without any fees! You'll need to have Nea's routing number (121142669) to set it up.      
  3. Use the buttons below to pay with PayPal (PayPal does charge a 3% fee, so please consider the Bill Pay or EFT option above if you can!)
Need Inspiration?? 
Hear what our Facilitators say about 
the funds they receive

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Produced by Donna Eyestone, Edited by Donna Eyestone & Andy McKee.

Watch an Encore of Andy McKee's "Donate Maybe"
Get the karaoke lyrics here

Our Goal:
100% participation, meaning every family gives at the level they can, whether that's a 1x donation or $5, $50, or $100 or more per month. Every dollar counts and is deeply appreciated!

**Families are encouraged to contribute $500 per household (or $50/month) 
if they can!**

Did you know?
  • On average, parent communities at California charter schools give 3 – 10% of the school’s operating budget to support their schools. For Nea, this translates to at least $90,000 in community support for the 2012- 2013 school year.
  • Music and art instruction, and a slew of other great programs, only exist at Nea because parents fund them every year, including:
            - Music education for
            every child in both         
            - An amazing art elective 
            for the Upper Village.

            - Facilitator mini-grants for
            chess sets, garden 
            science programs.

            - Important technology     
            purchases for the school.

            - Memorable assemblies,
            as well as cool field trips,
            fun playground and PE 
            equipment, and much, 
            much more!