Leadership Compass

-Go here and take the Leadership Style quiz.

-Read each of these sheets on the 4 directions of the Leadership Compass:

Send me an email at david.maduli@neaclc.org from your own Nea Email with your responses to the following questions:

1. Copy and paste the results of your Leadership Style quiz. 

2. Based on the quiz and my own reading of the sheets, the direction that best fits me is...

3. The "nickname" for my direction is _______________ which means to me...

4. In my opinion the best thing about my direction is...

5. When my direction is taken to the excess (too extreme or too much) the worst thing about it is...

Mr. Maduli's Leadership Direction:
Leadership Style
Your Result: Nurturer (South)

You are a Nurturer. You understand other people's needs, and are compassionate and supportive. You are driven by your values and feelings. You trust your own emotion and intuition. You are receptive to other people's ideas and listen without judging. You value fairness very highly.

Visionary (East)
Organizer (North)
Teacher (West)
Leadership Style
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