Week of Jan 9 - Jan 13

posted Jan 9, 2012, 12:12 AM by maafi.gueye@neaclc.org
Monday Jan 9
Classwork:  Finish Cat Trot to Gallup Conversions to Meters; Model and Practice Calculations for Velocity and Acceleration
Homework:  Complete Calculations for Velocity and Acceleration in Notebook, pages 26 and 27.

Tuesday Jan 10
Classwork:  Check and verify calculations for Velocity and Acceleration.  Cut-and-Paste cats to appropriate cards.
Homework:  Galileo Part B...egads!...Type up, but Due Tuesday Jan 16th.  See directives for details.

Thursday Jan 12
Classwork:  "Numbers" training; learners to create three data graphs for Cat Trot-to-Gallup due in File folder by end of day Friday.
Homework:  Cat Trot-to-Gallop "Numbers" graphing.

Friday Jan 13
Classwork:  Galileo work in context of Cornerstone.
Homework:  Galileo continued...directives distributed in class and published to this website Friday eve.