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Week of March 19 - 23, 2012

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Monday 3/19
1) Classwork: Momentum Flip Movie Parameters and Conceptual Physics Wkskt
2)  Homework:  Conceptual Physics Wkskt

Tuesday 3/20
1) Classwork: Marshmallow Lung Cannons and Group Concept Application Analysis with Word Bankage
2) Homework:  Momentum Wrap-up, Test Study Guide and Practice

Thursday 3/22
1)  Classwork:  Kinetic and Potential Energy Demos and Interpretation 
2)  Homework:  Conceptual Physics Worksheet on Potential and Kinetic Energy

Friday 3/23
1)  Classwork:  Kinetic and Potential Energy Wksht Check; Momentum and Energy Test
2)  Energy Calculations Worksheet

Week of January 23 - 27

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Monday 1/23:
Classwork:  Galileo Reasoned WHAT?  
Homework:  Galileo Artifact

Tuesday 1/24:  
Classwork: Representing Galileo's Work
Homework:  State your case worksheet outline

Thursday 1/26
Classwork:  Cornerstone Display Readiness
Homework:  Cornerstone Presentation

Friday 1/27
No Class

Week of Jan 9 - Jan 13

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Monday Jan 9
Classwork:  Finish Cat Trot to Gallup Conversions to Meters; Model and Practice Calculations for Velocity and Acceleration
Homework:  Complete Calculations for Velocity and Acceleration in Notebook, pages 26 and 27.

Tuesday Jan 10
Classwork:  Check and verify calculations for Velocity and Acceleration.  Cut-and-Paste cats to appropriate cards.
Homework:  Galileo Part B...egads!...Type up, but Due Tuesday Jan 16th.  See directives for details.

Thursday Jan 12
Classwork:  "Numbers" training; learners to create three data graphs for Cat Trot-to-Gallup due in File folder by end of day Friday.
Homework:  Cat Trot-to-Gallop "Numbers" graphing.

Friday Jan 13
Classwork:  Galileo work in context of Cornerstone.
Homework:  Galileo continued...directives distributed in class and published to this website Friday eve.

Week of 12/12 - 12/18

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Monday 12/12
Classwork:  Data Table C and D and Group Data A and B; Cat Trot to Gallop Cards Set-up
Homework:  Egg Drop Project...1 meter Drop Tuesday, 12/13

Tuesday 12/13
Classwork:  1 meter Drop; Distance and Speed calculations for Egg Drop
Homework:  Practice Page...Drop from a Cliff; Cat Trot to Gallup Cut and Paste

Thursday:  12/15
Classwork:  Breezeway Drop; Practice Page Check; Cat Cards Check
Homework:  Cat Trot to Gallop Data tables

Friday: 12/16
Classwork:  Final Drop; Cat Trot to Gallop Check-in
Homework: Cat Trot to Gallop project.

Week of 12/5 - 12/9

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  • Monday 12/05
    Classwork:  Data Collection for Galileo Part B; Class Data Part A
    Homework:  Galileo Draft Write Up Part B; Cat Trot to Gallop Start (all due 12/06)

    Tuesday 12/06
    Classwork:  Class Data for Galileo Part B; Class Data Part B:  Check Cat Trot to Gallop Start
    Homework:  Type Galileo Write Up Part B; Cat Trot to Gallop Step 2

    Thursday 12/08
    Classwork:  Graphing with NUMBERS; Data Tables B and C
    Homework:  Quiz Readiness practice on Falling objects...Quiz Friday, 12/09;  Cat Trop to Gallop Data Tables

    Friday 12/09
    Classwork:  Quiz on Falling Objects
    Homework:  Cat Trot to Gallop Flip Book

Week of 11/28 through 12/2

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Monday 11/28
Classwork:  Data Collection for Galileo Part B; Class Data Part A
Homework:  Galileo Draft Write Up Part B; Accelerated Motion Work Sheet:  Falling Objects A (all due 11/29)

Tuesday 11/30
Classwork:  Class Data for Galileo Part B; Class Data Part B:  Check Falling Object Worksheet A
Homework:  Type Galileo Write Up Part A and B; Falling Objects Work-Sheet B (all due 12/1)

Thursday 12/1
Classwork:  Begin Galileo Part C; Falling Objects Worksheet B Check; Quiz Readiness on Falling Objects work
Homework:  Quiz Readiness practice on Falling objects...Quiz Friday, 12/2

Friday 12/2
Classwork:  Finnish Galileo Part C; Start D if Possible; Quiz on Falling Objects
Homework:  Circular Motion Concepts; Intro for Egg Drop Project; Prototype Drawing Due 12/5 in Class

Galileo Lab Write-Up Draft Part A and Physics Week of 11/7 - 11/11

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Due Monday by End of Physics Seminar:
On Loose-leaf (lined paper NOT pulled out of a spiral notebook), start your draft of Part A.  It needs to have these 5 parts:

MAKE HEADINGS by writing and underlining the section name of the 5 parts!

1)  Title (make up your own title or use the one given on the lab sheets)
2)  Purpose (use the one given BUT PUT IT IN YOUR OWN WORDS)
3)  Materials and Equipment (LIST the materials WE ACTUALLY ARE USING)
4)  Set-up Diagram  (DRAW a labeled diagram of the set-up of our actual materials and equipment)
5)  Procedure (List the steps used to get ready for Part A at 10 degrees incline.

Here is a pdf of the lab (without my notes, though).  Thanks to Mohamed Dahri for telling me where to find this online!

Homework:  Continued Tier: FORCES 1, 2 or 3 Practice...depending on your previous results.  Tiers distributed in Class.

Data Collection for Data Table B for Galileo Lab
Final Tier: FORCES work.  For those who have successfully completed Tier 3, you will do a Go Beyond!

Benchmark Assessment #2; Galileo Write-up Draft Part B directives discussion
Lab Write-up Draft Part B

NO SCHOOL!  (Ok, stop dancing around the room!)

Galileo Remix and I Finally designed a Working Apparatus!

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Monday, 10/31
Classwork:  Continue data collection for Part 1 of Galileo's Inclined Plane Experiment
Homework:  Free body diagrams and Sigma Summations of Force Worksheet #5 - 8

Tuesday, 11/1
Classwork:  Prepare group data from Galileo Part 1;  Initate Part 2
Homework:  Galileo Part 1 Calculations for Data Table A;  Newton's 2nd Law Quantitatively Wksht Pt 1

Thursday, 11/3
Classwork:  Continue data collection for Part 2 of Galileo's Inclined Plane Experiment;  Prepare group data from Galileo Part 2 
Galileo Part 2 Calculations for Data Table B;  Newton's 2nd Law Quantitatively Wksht Pt 2

Friday, 11/4
Classwork:  Quiz on F = m*a calculations;  Galileo class data analysis
Homework:  Galileo data lab write-up Stage 1; Due typed in class 11/7

Week of 10/10 - 10/14

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Monday 10/10:
Classwork - Check homework problems #6, 7 and 8 from "Representing Motion" PowerPoint (linked below week 10/3 - 10/7).
Activity - Finishing Physics Lab 4A Measurement Tools, Calculations ans Graphing Techniques.
Homework:  Lab 4A completion, TOC update, Word of the Week completion.
Tuesday 10/11
Classwork - Return Scalar vs. Vector quiz; Lab 4A Final Numbers; Galileo's Work on Falling Objects
Activity -  Falling Objects:  Does Fall Speed Increase with Mass?; Notebook Check
Homework - Galileo Lab Review and Procedure Quiz Readiness; Water-Clock Research
Thursday 10/13
Classwork - Galileo Lab Procedure Quiz
Activity - Galileo Lab Part 1
Homework - Galileo Lab Part 1 Data transfer to Lab Book;
Friday 10/14
Classwork - Class Comparison Galileo Part 1 Data
Activity - Galileo Part 2
Homework - Galileo Lab Part 1 and 2 questions and analysis of results

Week of 10/3 - 10/7

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1.  Monday:  Classwork - check "Practice What You Know" homework.  Class Data:  Displacement v. Time and graphing it.  PowerPoint:  Representing Motion.  Homework - Powerpoint questions #4 and 5, and the "More Practice What You Know" worksheet.
2.  Tuesday:  Classwork - check "More Practice What You Know" homework.  Activity:  Forces, Motion and Newtons 1st and 2nd Laws.  Homework - Newton's Laws Practice.
3.  Thursday:  Classwork - check "Newton's Laws Practice.  Take Benchmark 1 on Standards PH1.a-d and PHEI1.a.  Homework - Forces and Equilibrium, Lab Readiness "Galileo-Part 1"...Procedure Quiz on 10/10 in class.

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