This Week in Physics

  • Week of March 19 - 23, 2012
    Monday 3/19
    1) Classwork: Momentum Flip Movie Parameters and Conceptual Physics Wkskt
    2)  Homework:  Conceptual Physics Wkskt

    Tuesday 3/20
    1) Classwork: Marshmallow Lung Cannons and Group Concept Application Analysis with Word Bankage
    2) Homework:  Momentum Wrap-up, Test Study Guide and Practice

    Thursday 3/22
    1)  Classwork:  Kinetic and Potential Energy Demos and Interpretation 
    2)  Homework:  Conceptual Physics Worksheet on Potential and Kinetic Energy

    Friday 3/23
    1)  Classwork:  Kinetic and Potential Energy Wksht Check; Momentum and Energy Test
    2)  Energy Calculations Worksheet

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  • Week of January 23 - 27
    Monday 1/23:
    Classwork:  Galileo Reasoned WHAT?  
    Homework:  Galileo Artifact

    Tuesday 1/24:  
    Classwork: Representing Galileo's Work
    Homework:  State your case worksheet outline

    Thursday 1/26
    Classwork:  Cornerstone Display Readiness
    Homework:  Cornerstone Presentation

    Friday 1/27
    No Class
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  • Week of Jan 9 - Jan 13
    Monday Jan 9
    Classwork:  Finish Cat Trot to Gallup Conversions to Meters; Model and Practice Calculations for Velocity and Acceleration
    Homework:  Complete Calculations for Velocity and Acceleration in Notebook, pages 26 and 27.

    Tuesday Jan 10
    Classwork:  Check and verify calculations for Velocity and Acceleration.  Cut-and-Paste cats to appropriate cards.
    Homework:  Galileo Part B...egads!...Type up, but Due Tuesday Jan 16th.  See directives for details.

    Thursday Jan 12
    Classwork:  "Numbers" training; learners to create three data graphs for Cat Trot-to-Gallup due in File folder by end of day Friday.
    Homework:  Cat Trot-to-Gallop "Numbers" graphing.

    Friday Jan 13
    Classwork:  Galileo work in context of Cornerstone.
    Homework:  Galileo continued...directives distributed in class and published to this website Friday eve.
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  • Week of 12/12 - 12/18
    Monday 12/12
    Classwork:  Data Table C and D and Group Data A and B; Cat Trot to Gallop Cards Set-up
    Homework:  Egg Drop Project...1 meter Drop Tuesday, 12/13

    Tuesday 12/13
    Classwork:  1 meter Drop; Distance and Speed calculations for Egg Drop
    Homework:  Practice Page...Drop from a Cliff; Cat Trot to Gallup Cut and Paste

    Thursday:  12/15
    Classwork:  Breezeway Drop; Practice Page Check; Cat Cards Check
    Homework:  Cat Trot to Gallop Data tables

    Friday: 12/16
    Classwork:  Final Drop; Cat Trot to Gallop Check-in
    Homework: Cat Trot to Gallop project.

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  • Week of 12/5 - 12/9
    • Monday 12/05
      Classwork:  Data Collection for Galileo Part B; Class Data Part A
      Homework:  Galileo Draft Write Up Part B; Cat Trot to Gallop Start (all due 12/06)

      Tuesday 12/06
      Classwork:  Class Data for Galileo Part B; Class Data Part B:  Check Cat Trot to Gallop Start
      Homework:  Type Galileo Write Up Part B; Cat Trot to Gallop Step 2

      Thursday 12/08
      Classwork:  Graphing with NUMBERS; Data Tables B and C
      Homework:  Quiz Readiness practice on Falling objects...Quiz Friday, 12/09;  Cat Trop to Gallop Data Tables

      Friday 12/09
      Classwork:  Quiz on Falling Objects
      Homework:  Cat Trot to Gallop Flip Book
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Welcome to Physics 2011-2012

Physics CP and HP Seminar

Seminar Meetings:  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with Friday Labs

Period 3 in Room 18


Course Syllabus


Course Overview:

Physics is about the nature of basic things, such as motion, forces, energy, matter, heat, sound light and the composition of atoms.  Because the ideas of physics are fundamental to both chemistry and biology, it is considered to be the most basic science.  Because we live in a physical world in which our interactions follow the laws of physics, learning physics will affirm quantitatively what we know intuitively (with our intuition) or somatically (with our bodies).  We will use mathematics to express our findings and to prove or disprove ideas that may be ambiguous.  We will us the scientific method and the act of scientific inquiry through investigations and experiments to assimilate key concepts, as outlined in the California Content Standards for Physics.

Texts (Resources): Honors (HP), College Prep (CP)


Physics:  Algebra/Trig

by Eugene Hecht

Adelphi University

Second Edition

Brooke/Cole Publishing Company

 HP and CP

The Project Physics Course

F. James Rutherford, Gerald Holton, Fletcher G. Watson

Harvard University

Holt, Rinehart and Winston


Conceptual Physics

Paul G. Hewitt


Addison and Wesley

 Online Resource Highlights




Learner Materials

Daily learner materials include the regulation, quadrille-ruled notebook, a scientific calculator, sharpened standard and color pencils, the Nea planner and two highlighters of different colors.

 Late Work Policy

Nea 6-11 Village has adopted a uniform late work policy.  Please familiarize yourself with its parameters and ask a question if something is not clear, as it will be adhered to without exception.

 Grading Policy

A learner will be evaluated using a variety of modalities and a grade appropriated based on the following percentage scale using weighted categories:

                        Projects                        30%

                        Laboratory                     25%

                        Assessments                30%

                        Exercises/notebook       15%


 Grading Policy for Honors Distinction in Physics

 As an honors course, performance in Honors Physics will be rigorously assessed.  Is expected the honors students exhibit superior understanding and work that is consistently represents the highest level of achievement.  In general, work will be assessed in the following manner:

 A = 5.0 Grade Points: Work shows exceptional scholarship, exploration and application of concepts, thoughtful assimilation of ideas from outside research and sources, and work goes “above and beyond”.  Work is handed in on time, seriously addresses the assignment and is highly original and inspired in nature.

 B =  4.0 Grade Points:  Work shows strong scholarship, exploration and application of concepts, thoughtful assimilation of ideas from outside research and sources, but does not go “above and beyond”.  Work is handed in on time, seriously addresses the assignment and is highly original and inspired in nature.

 C = 3.0 Grade Points:  Learners earning a C in honors will be counseled to return to college prep physics.  Work is average, showing basic scholarship, moderate to minimal exploration and application of concepts, inconsistent ability or effort to assimilate outside research and sources, and shows that the learner may just want to “get by.  Work is handed in frequently late and learner may not take assignments seriously and sometimes relies too heavily on others input to create a product.

 D/F = Learners earning a D or F will be exited from Honors Physics. 

Grade Scale:

89.5% - 100% = A

79.5% – 89.4% = B

69.5% - 79.4% = C

59.5% - 69.4% = D

59.4% and below = F

 Course Website

For a comprehensive course overview, outline and curriculum, please visit the Course Document section on this  webpage.

Contacting MaMaafi

MaMaafi can be reached via Nea email from the website, or by calling 510-748-4008 x 130.

NoteBook Table of Contents

Physics Table of Contents (TOC)







Metric Measure and Prefixes

6b, 6c (experimental


and error)


Math of Physics

Practice Problems

Set 1.1 wksht




Problem Set 1.1 work

same as above 



Physics Lab 4A

 6b, 6c



Vernier and Micrometer Photos


7 or 8


Graph of Penny Data


6a, 6b

8 or 7


Tri- and Quad- Beam





Representing Motion

PPT Notes

1a, 1b

11– 15


Practice What You Know

1a, 1b



More Practice What You Know

1a, 1b



(NB √ 10/11)

Forces Are Balanced Class Notes

1b, 1c


Expand your Physics Vocabulary!

  • *NEW*
    The "Word of the Week" post chronicles an interesting word that comes up in the context of seminar.  The word of the week and its relevant definition (which the learner must find) must be added to the APPENDIX COLLECTION.  Start on the last page of your notebook appendix and work toward the front.  Write "Word of the Week" at the top of the page, and then, "Week of  _____________:"  then write the word and the definition related to Physics!  
    Week of September 6th 2011:  SCIENTIFIC NOTATION.
    Week of September 12th 2011:  SIGNIFICANT FIGURES.
    Week of Sept 19th:  PRECISION
    Week of Sept 26th:  ACCURACY
    Week of October 3rd:  VECTOR
    Week of October 10th:  SCALAR
    Week of October 17th:  WATER CLOCK
    Week of October 24th:  NEWTON (the man and the unit of measure)
    Week of October 31st:  SIGMA (summation)
    Week of November 7th: FORCE
    Week of November 14th: RESISTANCE
    Week of December 5th: NEWTON'S FIRST LAW
    Week of December 12th: NEWTON'S SECOND LAW
    Week of January 2nd: NEWTON'S THIRD LAW
    Week of January 9th: GALILEO

Puzzles and Riddles

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