Career Instructions

Tech and Comm:   Career Presentation

Topic:  A career of your choice to present to the class.   This will be worth 120 points .

Resources:   You need to have at least 2 sources for your speech. You must include a book in your Works Cited Page.

Time:   You will need to speak about your career for 3 - 7 minutes   (You will be timed.)

Key Points:

1)  Why you chose this career.

2)  Basic description of the job duties required.

3)  Education needed for the career.

4)  Income projected for this field.

5) Related Careers

6) Will this career be growing and viable in the future ?

7)  Possible input from individuals in the career   (Interview someone in the career.)

8)  You may add any other related points to your career speech as you feel necessary.

Paper:  You will be required to submit a paper for your speech.  Create note cards that you may use to help develop your paper AND you may use these note cards during the speech.

This GOOGLE DOC PAPER must be at least five paragraphs (approx two pages)  WITH a WORK’s CITED PAGE  as described by Mrs. Benkert.   

Paper will be  60 points  ,   Work Cited  10 points

PREZI:   The prezi will be approximately  3 to 5 Frame   (ONLY 5 words or LESS on a Frame)

We will use “REFLECTION”  to advance the Frames with your ipad.

Helpful websites:


NAME  _____________________________________    TIME  ________________________

TOPIC  ____________________________________

20 pts each


Create interest in topic

Don’t detract from presentation

        Not too “wordy”

___  Evidence of Preparation

        Stimulated audience interest

        Organized ideas

        Researched the FACTS not just FEELINGS

___ Content

        Clarified ideas and intent in introduction

        Structured points appropriately

        Conveyed correct ideas / inferences

        Avoided cliches and repetitious phrases

        Deleted taboo words  (like, um  you guys )

___ Voice

        Used adequate volume/distinct enunciation

        Conversational directness

        Employed vocal variation

        Used expression including appropriate pause rate of delivery/ emphasis

        Avoided dropping voice at sentences’ ends

___ Delivery

        Direct eye contact with the audience

        Used appropriate movement and gesture

        Conveyed enthusiasm

        Used good diction and grammar

        Pronounced words correctly

        Used Note cards appropriately  (delivered speech NOT read verbatim)

___ Overall

        Evidence honed presentation skills

        Conveyed sense of topic

        Demonstrated knowledge and level of comfort with topic

        Used creativity to maximize impact of speech

        Stayed within 3 - 7 minutes

_______________    TOTAL POINTS    (Total Possible 120 points)