Life at the Turn of the 20th Century
11th Grade - U.S. History
Ms. Moran

Ford Model T Assembly Line (courtesy of Pop Culture Universe)

920/921 - Biography
973 - United States History
973.8 - Gilded Age
973.9 - Progressive Era

- search by your topic or put search terms together to focus your search
(i.e. "Civil Rights and Jim Crow Laws" or "Architecture and 1900")
- think of other ways to describe your topic 
(i.e. Chicago World's Fair was also known as "World's Columbian Exhibition")

Reference and Non-Fiction books will be on reserve in the library or you can search the LIBRARY CATALOG using the call numbers and keywords provided above.


American Government - use for Supreme Court cases, Civil Rights, etc.
Biography in Context - use when researching a person
- click "The Industrial Revolution and the Rise of Nationalism" and select "Industrial America" or "American West"
- click "History" and "American Decades" and choose a volume (decade)
- enter password and click on "Great Events from History: The Nineteenth Century" in left-hand column
- enter password and click on "Great Events from History" in left-hand column and select "1901-1940"
- click "Topics" and "1900s: The Age of Innocence" for information on Architecture, Film, Fashion, Vaudeville, etc.
- click "Browse Topics" and "1900" 
- click "The Power of the Industrial Revolution: 1800-1914" and select "The Rise of Urbanization" or "The Spread of Transportation"

click "Academy of Notre Dame"- click "Catalog"- click "WebPath Express" to search for quality websites for your project
- search engine that takes you to educator-approved, quality websites
American Cultural History 1900-1909
Encyclopedia of Chicago: 1893 World's Fair
National Park Service - Jane AddamsFinding Dulcinea: Ford Model T
Musicals 101: Vaudeville
Library of Congress: City Life in the late 19th CenturyUniversity of Minnesota: Ida B. Wells
PBS: Plessy v. Ferguson
Air and Space: The Wright Brothers
Virtualology: Ashcan School
Eastman House: About George Eastman
Explore PA History: Thomas Eakins
PBS: W.E.B. DuBois
National Association for Olmstead Parks
Gale Virtual Reference Library - click "History" and "American Decades" and "The 1900s: Education"
Constitutional Rights Foundation: A Brief History of Jim Crow
Classzone: The Rise of Mass Entertainment
Metropolitan Museum of Art: America Comes of Age 1876-1900
Baseball Almanac: Year by Year Baseball History
Pulitizer.org: The Pulitzer Biography
American Experience: William Randolph Hearst v. Orson Welles

NOODLEBIBcreate a Bibliography or Works Cited in MLA or APA format.

Links to Primary Sources:
Proquest Historical Newspapers - click "Databases" at top of page and deselect "National Newspapers Core" and "Proquest Research Library"Academy of Notre Dame Research Central: Primary Sources
National History Day: Research Central - click "Helpful Research Links" and scroll down to "U.S. History Primary Sources"Vintage Ad Browser

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