Welcome to the STEM Scholar page!

This page features the main information for the STEM Scholar program at Notre Dame.  Here you will find important documents needed for your application, STEM-related events occurring in the area, and other significant details of the program.  Scholars will also be able to access the Google Classroom page here.

STEM Scholar Faculty  

Mr. Daniel Cushing - STEM Department Chair and Program Director
Mrs. Kim Eife- Director of the High School
Mr. Andrew Foreman- STEM Department Faculty
Mr. Tyler Gaspich- Director of Academic Technologies

STEM Scholars of Excellence 

Class of 2020 Scholars

Caroline Adams
Maggie Beck
Samantha Coneys
Sarah Daoud
Madeline Donaphon
Katelyn Dougherty
Lauren Gunn
Caroline Heffernen
Eva Kraus
Emmeline Lignowski
Kelsey Mehallo
Meghan Mitchell
Katie Mowatt
Morgan O'Brien
CeCe Quirk
Lindsey Smith
Vivienne Trumpbour

Class of 2021 Scholars

Stefanie Bonini
Ella Donohue
Madeline Fitzhenry
Anna Kane
Bailey Mattson
Johanna Murphy
Isabel Oliver
Sophia Pappano
Claire Pinnie
Molly Searing
Madelyn Schultz
Amelia Swan
Grace Quirk
Catherine Wynne