The Academy of Notre Dame strives to create an atmosphere of openness, warmth, and responsible freedom so that all members may be able to internalize and implement those Christian values so important to personal and social growth.
The Honor Code fosters the development of each community member's personal integrity, character and respect for self, others and school policies. The obligation to follow the guidelines will afford the opportunity to provide the proper academic atmosphere in the school. The specific goals of the Honor Code, supported by faculty, staff and parents, stand as follows:

The Honor Code should serve as a system of behavior through which each person is primarily responsible for her/ his actions. If it becomes evident that this responsibility is not being met, it will be necessary for appropriate action.
The Honor Code should establish a level of self-discipline through which everyone is encouraged to make good decisions.
The Honor Code should create individual awareness of self in relation to the group.
The Honor Code should be instrumental in instilling the positive values.

The Honor Code will not be effective unless each community member makes its success our collective goal. It is our responsibility to remind those who violate the code of its importance to our Mission and Statement of Beliefs. Each member of the community is expected to conduct herself/ himself according to the norms of the Honor Code.