Classroom Policies & Expectations

All students are expected to adhere to policies outlined in the student handbook.  This includes the cell phone and uniform policies.  Students should at all times demonstrate a respectful consideration of one another’s perspectives, open-mindedness, and creative risk-taking.  Students are expected to be punctual, prepared, courteous, curious, and honest.

  • Technology - Technology in the classroom is becoming increasingly important and can be an invaluable tool.  However, the use of devices including but not limited to laptops, iPads, and electronic readers remains a privilege.  Throughout the year, there will be “computer time” and “non-computer time” Non-computer time includes but is not limited to daily note taking, quizzes, and tests. Computer time includes but is not limited to group projects, individual research, and current events. The teacher reserves the right to disallow any students’ use of these devices if there is misuse or abuse of technology in the classroom.

  • Missed/Make-Up Work – Each student is responsible for missed work, this includes class notes, work, and homework.  In the event of a missed test or in class assignment, students are expected to complete the assessment the day she returns to school.  In the case of a planned absence students must notify the teacher in advance. For athletes who may leave school early, they are to make arrangements for tests or in class assignments and they are to turn in all work before leaving school.  Failure to do so will not only affect the students preparedness, but may result in a penalty on their grade.  


  • Participation – This is more than simply speaking frequently in class.  Students are expected to contribute in a meaningful way through listening carefully to classmates, working well in groups, encouraging peers to participate and share their ideas, and attempting to maintain a positive attitude.  

  • Academic Integrity – It is a privilege to attend a school with an honor code, and I expect students to take academic honesty very seriously.  Students have a responsibility to themselves, their peers, their teachers, and the learning community to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity.  

  • Teacher Availability – I am available during 2nd, 3rd, and 6th periods, community time, as well as before or after school by appointment. Students must set up an appointment for each meeting via e-mail. Additionally, please do not hesitate to e-mail with any questions, concerns, or comments.