Overview and Purpose of the Fund to Protect Human Life

For more information on the Fund's pro-life activities on campus, visit the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture's Pro-life Programming page. The Fund is no longer accepting donations. A new Right to Life Fund has been established under the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture to support pro-life programming on campus.

The Notre Dame Fund to Protect Human Life's purpose is to educate Notre Dame students in the rich intellectual tradition supporting the dignity of human life, specifically in its beginning stages, and to prepare those students, through personal witness, public service, and prayer, to transform the culture into one in which every human life is respected.  Other purposes of the Fund are to promote activities and projects which will enhance the University’s institutional involvement and reputation as a leader in issues pertaining to the dignity and worth of human life in its beginning stages, and to encourage relevant understanding, support and involvement among the administration and faculty.  For purposes of this Fund, the phrase “human life” solely concerns human life in its earliest stages, from conception to the early days of infancy.  While the sanctity of human life ought to be protected in all stages, these beginning stages are particularly vulnerable ones in our contemporary culture, and represent points at which human dignity and human life are subject to the most egregious attacks. Consistent with these stated purposes, the Fund can be used to support activities such as:
  • Transportation and other costs of student participation in the annual Right-to-Life march each January in Washington, D.C., as well as other off-campus seminars and conferences.
  • Expenses of the Undergraduate and Law School student Right-to-Life clubs for amounts in excess of what they receive independently.   
  • Essay contests and other such academic competitions which encourage scholarly development of Right-to-Life issues.
  • Costs of speakers and seminars on the University campus, including publicity.
  • Faculty, student and intern research into issues regarding human life in its beginning stages, including participation in related conferences and seminars.
  • Center and University awards and prizes recognizing outstanding service in activities supporting human life in its beginning stages.
  • Development of relevant curricular offerings and programs.
  • Other related activities and events the Committee deems important and relevant to the purpose of the Fund.

Established in September 2008, the Notre Dame Fund to Protect Human Life is an expendable fund at the University.  Allocations from the Fund are determined by a committee of five pro-life scholars, including the chair, philosophy professor David Solomon. In addition to the chair, the Committee members are Elizabeth Kirk, Rev. Wilson Miscamble, CSC (Professor of History, O. Carter Snead (Director of the Center for Ethics and Culture, Professor of Law and former General Counsel for the President’s Council on Bioethics) and Daniel Philpott (Professor of Political Science and Peace Studies).  No Fund expenditures shall be authorized which are disapproved by more than one member of the Committee.