Medical Ethics Conference Videos

As he neared the end of his life, it was Dr. Philip J. Clarke's fervent wish that Notre Dame would found a medical ethics conference for practicing physicians, Notre Dame undergraduates, and distinguished scholars in medical ethics could gather to discuss the crucial issues in contemporary medicine. He believed the modern medicine was both a great blessing and fraught with peril. Dr. Clarke contributed financial support for such a conference on both his family's and his own behalf, and it is in his honor that we have named the keynote speech of the annual medical ethics conference. Watch videos from past conferences here.


Life and the Need for Happiness


The Cost of Conscience

"Is Health Care a Spiritual Discipline?"
a lecture by Daniel Sulmasy
                 "Bioethics and its Gordian Knot"
                  a lecture by Margaret Monahan Hogan

J. Philip Clarke Lecture
by Edmund Pellegrino

"Christianity and Medicine: A Proposal"
a lecture by Stanley Hauerwas
"The Crisis in Medicine:
Professional Life in the Age of Managed Care"
a lecture by Edmubnd Pellegrino

"Reforming Heath Care Ethics"
a lecture by Jorge Garcia
"Ethical Dimensions of Health care Rationing"
a lecture by Charles J. Dougherty
"Compassionate Care of the Dying"
a lecture by Jim Bresnahan
"The Moral Inevitability of Two Tiers of Health Care"
a lecture by H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr.

"Euthanasia: Where is the Debate Going?"
a lecture by Daniel Callhan
"Who or What is an Embryo?"
a lecture by Richard McCormick
"Clinical Medical Ethics: A Review of the First Decade"
a lecture by Mark Siegler
"Medical Ethics: Being a Christian Physician Today"
a lecture by Edmund Pellegrino
"Crucial Issues in Medical Ethics
 for the Patient and Physician"
a panel discussion by Edmund Pellegrino, Mark Siegler,
and Richard McCormick