Arthur J. Schmitt Lecture Videos

Each semester since fall 2001, the Center has sponsored a lecture series  and dinner in honor of the generosity of the Arthur J. Schmitt Foundation to the University of Notre Dame. The goal of semi-annual lectures is to bring in distinguished speakers from around the world, attracting speakers of the highest quality, Nobel laureates, outstanding scientists and engineers, and leading philosophers and theologians. The lecture series aims to provide occasions at which the Schmitt Fellows, graduate students in the Colleges of Science and Engineering, can join with other members of the Notre Dame community to reflect on the ethical, political and religious dimensions of the studies in which they are engaged.

             "Prioritizing Healthcare in a Liberal Democracy"
                                a lecture by Yuval Levin
                                            Fall 2011
  "Abuses of the Public by Psychiatry"
a lecture by Dr. Paul McHugh
Fall 2010

"The Argument from Design for the Existence of God and the Laws of Physics" a lecture by Stephen Barr 
Spring 2010
"Science and the Human Good: How to Think Philosophically about the Place of Values in Science" a lecture by Don Howard
Spring 2009
 "Science and the Human Good: How to Think Philosophically About the Place of Values in Science" a lecture by Don Howard
Fall 2008

"Speaking Truthfully About Stem Cell Research and Human Cloning" 
a lecture by O. Carter Snead
Fall 2005
 "St. Augustine, Harry Potter, and the Confrontation with Evil"
A Lecture by Jean Bethke Elshtain
Fall 2004
"There is Nothing He Cannot Ask:
Milton, Liberalism, and Terrorism"
A lecture by Stanley Fish
Spring 2004