10th Anniversary Celebration

The Center celebrated its 10th Anniversary on April 23, 2010 with a symposium on the latest book by our Senior Research Fellow, Alasdair MacIntyre, entitled God, Philosophy, Universities: A Selective History of the Catholic Philosophical Tradition. The symposium featured University President Rev. John Jenkins, CSC, commenting from a philosophical standpoint, Professor John McGreevey, the Dean of the College of Arts and Letters, commenting from an historical standpoint, and Chair of the Theology Department, Professor John Cavadini, commenting from a theological standpoint, and Professor MacIntyre himself. You can watch the colloquium.

Fr. Jenkins, after the concluding remarks, graciously gave a public expression of gratitude to David Solomon for his leadership of the Center for Ethics and Culture. Everyone rose to a standing ovation for our director.

Finally, the CEC staff and many close friends gathered in the basement for a banquet to celebrate and remember our ten years. On one wall, a slideshow of photos from the first event to the most recent ran on a loop throughout the dinner. The Notre Dame Glee Club visited and treated diners to a wonderful performance of a few of their best-loved songs.

Towards the end, David Solomon led everyone in a toast to Alasdair MacIntyre for his 80th birthday, and then thanked all of the member of the CEC staff for all of their hard work through the years: Elizabeth Kirk, Tracy Westlake, Kathryn Wales, and the current undergraduate assistants, Tom Everett, Octavia Ratiu, Kelly Mason, Peter Freddoso, and Victor Ratiu. Then, the Center’s first undergraduate assistant, Jennie Bradley paid tribute to the Center by presenting a “ND: What do we fight for?” commercial specifically tailored for the CEC, complete with theme music. Next, Elizabeth Kirk, Associate Director for the last five years and David’s right hand, and Dan McInerny, who flew in from Baylor for the event, sharpened the focus on David specifically, thanking and honoring him for his ten years of strength, courage, warmth, humor, and much more with delightful anecdotes and sincerest gratitude. Dan presented David with a leather bound collection of tribute letters from David’s current and former colleagues, students, and others whose lives have been touched by him. David was then presented with two beautifully framed posters, one displaying all ten Fall Conference posters and the other all of the Catholic Culture Series posters. He chastised everyone for their exuberant praise and thanked everyone back and again. It was a very merry night indeed.