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Who Inspires Us

Great Figures at Notre Dame

In 1844, two years after founding Notre Dame, Fr. Edward Sorin wrote: “When this school, Our Lady’s school, grows a bit more, I shall raise her aloft so that, without asking, all men shall know why we have succeeded here. To that lovely Lady, raised high on a dome, a Golden Dome, men may look and find the answer.” Through the intercession of Our Lady, Heaven was pleased to call around Fr. Sorin good teachers who would carry on the Catholic tradition of education; others would follow. Notre Dame’s history is now full of such teachers. Read about them here.

Ralph McInerny's Profiles

"Being a Catholic writer is not a falling away from an ideal; it is the way to fulfill the ideal completely -- to see human acts in terms of the ultimate stakes of life"
-- Ralph McInerny

The language of poetry, of myth, of symbol and of drama best expresses the interior of the human person. The Catholic writer, conscious of the "ultimate stakes of life," uses this language to explore the depths and richness of human action and experience. Enjoy Ralph McInerny's profiles of some Catholic writers and their works here.

On the Shoulders of Giants

It is a byword of our tradition that if we can now see further, it is because we stand on the shoulders of giants. Here are some of the giants supporting us, together with just a small sampling of their writings which continue to inspire.