Pregnancy Help

Pregnant? Know someone who is Pregnant?
You are not alone.

For a student facing unintended pregnancy, the physical, emotional and spiritual issues can seem overwhelming. As a Catholic university, Notre Dame is committed to life and to offering students resources that support the choice of life. Therefore, the University will provide pregnant students with caring, non-judgmental, professional assistance and support.

Students who become pregnant will not be subject to disciplinary proceedings. The student may stay at Notre Dame and receive the full support of the University. The University will do all it can to accommodate student needs and concerns regarding coursework and housing, as well as healthcare and counseling needs.

Pregnancy Resources:

University Affiliated Resources

Office of Student Affairs:
Karen Kennedy

University Health Services:
Bill Stackman

Campus Ministry
Judy Madden

Ed Mack

University Counseling Center:
Susan Steibe-Pasalich