About the PODEMOS program

The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE) at the University of Notre Dame believes that the involvement of researchers with diverse backgrounds and talents is key to developing novel solutions to critical challenges faced by humankind.

We have thus initiated a program which will enrich the educational development of students from Mexico, and facilitate their recruitment to our department. Promotion of Discourse through Engineering Materials Opportunities for Students (PODEMOS), will provide a summer research opportunity for up to six students from Mexican universities to work closely with professors in CBE, focusing on the field of soft and biological materials. Concomitantly, we have also acquired support for faculty exchanges between our department and universities in Mexico to facilitate the development of new, impactful collaborations.

We thank the generous support of Notre Dame International (NDI), the College of Engineering and the CBE department for seed funding this program. More information about each of the aims may be found in the site map at left.

Updated projects have been added for the 2020 program: For more information, please see Participating Notre Dame Faculty and Projects.