If you are planning to apply to work at North Dining Hall, or you are a new student worker, you can find all the information you need right here!

Our Mission

The University of Notre Dame Food Services is a hospitality organization dedicated to providing the Notre Dame community and guests with high quality foods and services in a variety of settings.  This mission is accomplished by being responsive to the changing needs and desires of our customers, while operating in an ethical and fiscally responsible manner.  In our consistent pursuit of this mission we are guided by the following commitments:

 *     We will strive to meet the value expectations of our customers.

 *     We will provide a safe work environment where employees are provided an opportunity for growth and advancement and are treated equally and fairly, with                     dignity and respect.

 *     We will strive to conduct all of our business with professionalism, integrity and fairness.

 *     We will consistently operate within the mission of the University of Notre Dame.