Promoting Native American Student Success

Recruiting and Retention Conference

October 1 & 2, 2010

University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame is sponsoring the first biennial conference that will focus on the recruiting and retention of specifically Native American students.  The goal of the conference is to create Universities that are more supportive of Native American student needs by promoting dialogue between all those involved in the application, recruiting, and retention processes.  High school guidance counselors, college admissions officers, and other college faculty are invited along with Native American high school and college students.   There will be several sessions that focus on different aspects of the college experience, starting with preparation in high school all the way through support for current college students along with everything in between.  This conference aims to give everyone involved the knowledge necessary to make sure that Native American students are applying to and getting accepted into college, and also that they are receiving the support that they need to succeed once in college.

Sponsored By:

University of Notre Dame College of Arts and Letters, University of 

Notre Dame College of Science,  University of Notre Dame Native 

American Initiatives, Multicultural Student Programs and Services, 

and The Native American Student Association of Notre Dame


Conference Contact

Kara Strass at

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