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My name is Michelle Fuhrman, and I want to welcome you to my electronic portfolio.  I am currently a senior chemical engineer at the University of Notre Dame.

The purpose of this portfolio is to provide adequate examples of my work and competency in the following six areas that are crucial for an engineer:


Within the page for each respective category, my understanding, reporting, and reflection can be found.
Before navigating to the rest of the site, I want to give some information about myself.  I was born and raised in Bradford, Pennsylvania, a former oil boom town in the early 1900s that is now an economically depressed area situated in the heart of the Allegheny Mountains.  Growing up in an area subjected to poverty, environmental damages, and limited opportunities for progress, I knew I wanted to pursue a career that would enable me to foster change and promote development for areas like my hometown.  As a strong student in mathematics and chemistry in high school, I thought chemical engineering would be a subject that not only would I enjoy, but also that would give me the most opportunities to improve our world.  Attending Notre Dame had been my dream since I was six years old, and now that I am a student here, my goal is to master engineering fundamentals while becoming an active member of the Notre Dame community.  Doing so will prepare myself for my career and community life after graduation.  After graduation, I hope to work in the energy or consumer products industry.  I also intend to attain my Master’s of Business Administration, which will make me a more valuable asset to my employer by improving my understanding of the costs, manufacturing process, and marketing aspects of possible experiments and projects.